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Friends Taking Selfie




2020 was one of the most trying years for the dance and  fitness industries. Our businesses were closed, re-opened and then shut down again. We went from limited capacity to outdoor workouts only. We lost income, we lost instructors, we lost members and we lost faith in everything we built. As we rebuilt in 2021 we worked countless hours, and days, to try to bring our communities back to the studio or gym. Mandates continually restricting us - we kept our eye on the prize and foot to the pedal. 

Then it hit us! We are NOT alone. There are other women-owned studios and gyms that have suffered the same journey. We need to COME AND STAND TOGETHER. 

CLUB CRAWL 22 WAS BORN. Now get that booty signed up here!

Classes are free to anyone.

Bring a friend!

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